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Discovery Journals - Anxiety Journals for Autism


Whose it for?

  • Our ASC journal is designed for anyone aged 12+ who is diagnosed or undiagnosed with autism.

  • This journal can be used whether you are diagnosed or undiagnosed with a mental illness.

  • Adequate understanding of the English language.

  • Dyslexic users or anyone with Scotopic Sensitivity.

Not suitable for

  • Children under 12

  • Non-English readers

What does it include?

  • Year Mood Calendar - This can be started at any point in the year and continued on even when fillers are required.

  • Instruction pages - We encourage all beginners to read through the instructions in order to use the journal effectively. In order to fit in more content each section isn't titled so our instructions are important initially.

  • 3 Prompted pages per entry - Each page features multiple sections focusing on different areas of the day. You are guided through each page seamlessly and quickly.

  • 1 Page of free writing per entry - Essential to practice free writing. This space can be used for further self-reflection or exploration on something discovered while journalling.


We've highlighted just some of the features you can find in our ASC Journal and how they are beneficial. 
One thing you'll notice is our ASC journal is printed on natural off-white paper

It's much easier to use emotive language when it's already laid out in front of you. The ASC version features additional icons and categories to make acknowledgement simpler.

Anxiety can be linked to people and allows us to understand if who and how we interact with someone is causing heightened, unnecessary stress.

The ASC version dedicates an entire page to sensory triggers, anxiety attacks and panic attacks as well as constructive ways to overcome/prevent them in the future.

Understand how the fundamentals in your life could be impacting your mood, stress levels and anxiety on a given day. You will see patterns over time.

Using a rating system, you can easily identify how the use of particular social media channels is affecting mood and making connections.


The ASC journal is available in all of our binders as well as our travel version.

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

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