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Young male using a Discovery Journal - Anxiety Journals

Hello Educators,

Mental health affects everyone, but research shows mental illness and behavioural disorders are often triggered in childhood and adolescence. 

We work with faculty and students to provide mental health resources that aid in the recovery from anxiety disorder.

We believe in being proactive rather than reactive.

We offer a range of physical products to help both students and faculty manage their mental health, keep a record of their triggers and identify the causes of anxiety. Working with schools, charities and stores across the UK already, we are pleased to be contributing to the improved mental health of thousands already. 

"Little did we realise that the Discovery Journals would have such a big impact on the lives of our young people, and how much they would enhance the therapeutic work we deliver.

Working With Us

How has your journal helped you?: "It has made me realise that I am better at writing my feelings down and I am now able to verbally say when I need help. I have also learnt that my behaviour has been because of the traumatic childhood I had and started to open up to more people."

Journaling is incredibly powerful in helping young people cope with the stress of school. Through writing, they can not only process their emotions but also learn to express them in a healthy, constructive way and improve their literary skills. By examining and recognizing their thoughts and feelings, they can think more deeply about their experiences and practice self-reflection. Journaling is known to boost creativity, as it encourages people to think outside the box and explore their imaginations. 


Physical products are especially useful for those who may not be able to access previously established online services, and our aim is to make sure that everyone has access to the help they need. Journaling means spending time away from their phones and promoting time out for their own self-care. We recognise that mental health can be an incredibly personal matter, and strive to ensure that our products are presented discretely. The Discovery Journal consciously strives to look nothing like an activity book or worksheet and instead adopts a mature respectful aesthetic.  

Teenage Girl using Discovery Journal - Anxiety Journals
Young female using Green Loop Strap Discovery Journal - Anxiety Journals
Discovery Journals - Anxiety Journals

Discovery Journal has been working with local charity STEP Swindon since 2020. In this video interview, the founder of Discovery Journal Danielle sits down with Senior Project Worker Hayley, to discuss how the journals help navigate difficult life challenges, how they are distributed and the on-going work that is being done to help with mental illness in young people post-COVID.

Discovery Journal Customer

"It has helped my daughter with her anxiety, slowing her thoughts down to a manageable speed."

What We Bring To The Table

We have three versions of the Discovery Journal, Adult, Teen and ASC 

Learn more about each specific version and how they differ:

Adult and Teen versions of Discovery Journal - Anxiety Journals

Not every person benefits from the use of a gratitude journal, the kind which encourages you to be kind to yourself, recite positive affirmations in the mirror and make notes about positive moments in your day. Mental illness is more complicated than that and one size doesn't suit all. 

The Discovery Journal takes an alternative approach:

  • Disrupts the cycle of anxiety by focusing on finding what is causing it.

  • Person-led, allows the user to self-reflect on their triggers and make changes.

  • Builds a picture of behaviour and interactions which can identify trigger points.

  • Fuss free and simply fill in.

We Don't Undercut Quality

We offer budget-friendly discounts to all educational establishments that we work with, giving you the option to buy "off-the-rack" or produce bespoke binders that reflect your personal logo or school colours. 

All our binders are handmade to size using the finest quality fabrics and faux leather coverings to ensure durability, longevity and style.


We are happy to put together a package that suits your needs, whether that's catering for an entire school, one class or a campus shop. 

You can explore our existing range of binders or contact us to have a conversation about your needs and we can put together an advisory package for you.

Teal Loop Strap Discovery Journal - Anxiety Journals

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